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Monday, April 5, 2010


John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN is the quintessential 80's horror movie. From the opening title sequence to the final frame, Halloween defined the genre and set the standard for all to follow. The haunting score, now indelibly imprinted in our minds, weaves with the narrative in a way few films have ever achieved - The menacing simplicity is genius.

The film opens with a 6 year old Michael Meyers slicing and dicing his sister after she has had sex with her boyfriend (which apparently lasted all of 30 seconds - boy, did she ever get the short end of the stick). Michael is then locked away forever in an insane asylum - that is, until he manages to escape and return to Haddonfield to terrorize the residents.

In the 80's, this film was absolutely merciless and terrifying - by todays standards the pacing is slow and there is very limited actual gore. But I am of the mind that more gore does not make a film better - I actually believe that off screen gore and violence plays more on the viewer's imagination, creating a creepier effect. If any of you doubt the effectiveness of offscreen gore, just watch the scene in SCARFACE withe the chainsaw - they never show the chainsaw cutting off the leg, only Pacino's face and some splatter - to me that is one of the grizzliest scenes in film.

This is the movie that I watch every year on Halloween. It sets the mood, and takes me back to my youth when life was simple, and watching a scary movie alone in the house was the ultimate in terror. If you've only scene the remakes, do yourself a favor and watch the classic. It's amazing to me that there are so many new horror fans that don't even know who John Carpenter is. This is the film opened the door for the 80's slasher craze and set the bar for everything that followed. The original Halloween is a must own for any horror enthusiast!

5 Stars

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